Navigate reports

Learn how to generate reports and view data in them.

The Report launcher lists the reports that you have access to, including a brief description of each report and the category it belongs to.

To navigate to the Report launcher, click Report on the menu bar.
Report launcher

Click on a report title to display that report in a Report view, where you can specify any parameters, generate, and filter a report.
Sample generated report

This topic provides overviews of the common tasks in working with generated reports along with links to more detailed topics. For details on generating a report, see topic Generate reports overview.

Save a custom report overview

You can save the parameters you set up for a specific maintenance or utilization report by creating a custom view of it in a Report view. You can select a saved custom report whenever you want to generate it in a Report view. You can delete a saved Report view if you no longer need it.Save report

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Modify a saved custom report

You can modify a previously saved Report view.

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Select a saved report overview

You can select a default maintenance or utilization report or a previously saved custom view of that report to display in the content area of the current Report view. Saved report

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Delete a custom report

You can delete a customized report view of maintenance or utilization reports that you no longer want in a Report view. Report deleted confirmation message

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Create a report favorite overview

You can create a favorite for a specific maintenance or utilization report in a Report view. The favorite is displayed as a tile on the iCenter Home page, so you can use it as a shortcut to generate the saved report. Report favorite

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Clear a report favorite overview

You can clear report favorite if you no longer want a report to appear as a Home page tile.

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Download a generated report overview

You can download a specific report that you have generated in a Report view as an image or a PDF file. Download a generated report

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Switch to full screen mode overview

You can display a generated report at the full size of your computer monitor. Full screen view

Press the Full Screen button again or the Esc key to exit Full screen mode.