Save a custom report

Learn how to save a custom utilization report view.

You can save the imaging assets selected prior to generating a utilization report by creating a custom view of it in a Report view. You can subsequently select a saved custom utilization report view from the Saved reports dropdown whenever you want to generate the report with those assets.

To save a custom utilization report view:

  1. On the menu bar Menu, click Report.
  2. In the Report launcher, load the desired utilization report by clicking its title.
  3. In the Report view, set up a new report as described in topic Generate utilization reports.
    The utilization report title and description are displayed at the top of the view.
  4. From the Other views list, click Save As. Save As
  5. In the Save current view as dialog box, type in the name and a description for the custom utilization report view you are creating and then clickSave. Save Report As dialog box
    A confirmation message that the report view was successfully displayed is displayed at the bottom right of the view, and the title and description of your saved utilization report view are displayed at the top of the view. Report view saved confirmation message


  • Why is the Save As option not available for Maintenance reports?

    The Save As option applies to the imaging assets selected for analysis in a utilization report. Maintenance reports are generated for all equipment in your inventory. You can refine the data displayed in a generated report by applying filters. For details on available Maintenance and Utilization reports, see Get started with Reports.

  • Why is the Save option not available when I first set up a utilization report?

    Rather than saving the default report, you are creating a customized view of the report. This means that you must first Save As to create a customized view. Save is then available for any modifications you subsequently make to your customized utilization report view. iCenter does not retain any filters you apply to refine the data after the report has been generated, so those filters would not be reflected the next time you generated that report. The Save As option applies only to the imaging assets selected for inclusion in a utilization report.