Download a generated report

Learn how to download a generated report.

You can download a generated report data to files that you can open in external productivity tools.

To download a report:

  1. On the menu bar, click Report.
  2. In theReport launcher, load the desired report view by clicking its title.
  3. In the Report view, load the desired report in either of the following ways:
    The report title and description are displayed at the top of the view.
  4. At the top of the generated report, click Download. Download report button
  5. In the Download dialog box, select the desired file format.
    • Image
    • PDF

    Download dialog box

  6. If you selected the PDF file format, in the Download PDF dialog box, specify any preferences for the data to be downloaded and then click Generate:
    • Layout: Portrait or Landscape page orientation.
    • Page Size: Paper size (for example, Letter for 8.5x11").
    • Scaling: Automatic, percentage of page size, or maximum height or width.
    • Content:
      • This Dashboard: Only the current tab.
      • Sheets in Dashboard: Individual pages in the generated report.
      • Sheets in Workbook: Multi page tabs in the generated report.
    • Sheets to Download
      Lists the data to be downloaded, based on the options selected in the Content section:
      • Click to select or clear the desired sheets (selected sheets are highlighted in light blue).
      • Use the horizontal scroll bar to view pages that are not currently visible in the dialog box.
    • Tip: We recommend Landscape layout and Sheets in workbook Content options for the intended report appearance.

    Download PDF setup dialog box

  7. In the Download file type dialog box, click Download. Download image or PDF dialog box
  8. In the displayed Manage Downloads bar, click either Open or Show in Folder to show the downloaded data file in the Downloads folder of your computer. Manage downloads bar
  9. Save the downloaded file to your preferred folder on your computer:
    • If you opened the file, use the File Save As function from the browser.
    • If you showed the file in the Downloads folder of your computer, drag and drop it into the desired folder.
  10. Open the downloaded file in the appropriate third-party tool (for example, Adobe Acrobat *).


Can the report be downloaded into spreadsheet format?

Reports can be downloaded in image (PNG) or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.