Generate utilization reports

Learn how to generate iCenter utilization reports and filter data.

iCenter Utilization reports provide diagnostic imaging exam volumes and other metrics across time. You can select from a list of iCenter utilization reports available for your facility in the Report launcher. The selected report is displayed in a Report view, in which you can specify report parameters or filters.

To generate utilization reports:

  1. On the Menu bar, click Report.
  2. In the Report launcher, load the desired utilization report by clicking its title on the left. Utilization section in Report launcher
    Tip: Report categories are listed on the right of each report entry.
  3. In the Report view, select the assets to include in the report:
    1. Select one or more imaging assets in the same modality (for example, CT, MR, US, or XR)[ regional availability]:
      • Click the modality circle for one asset in the desired modality. Sample utilization selection screen

        After you select one asset, the modality label is replaced with a white checkmark in a green circle, and the remaining assets are filtered to display only those of the same modality.

        To clear a selection, click on its green circle. Clear all selections to return to the full list.

        Tip: If this is a group of assets you will want to regularly view utilization data for, Create a report favorite for this selection page.


      • Use the Search box Search box to locate a specific asset.
        Note: Search results depend on the facilities you have access to and any groups currently selected in the Facility Groups switcher (for details, see topics Get started with My Account and Switch facilities or groups).
      Only equipment that meets the following criteria will be displayed in this asset selection page:
      • It is associated to the currently selected Facility Groups
      • It has transmitted utilization (IPM) data to iCenter in the last 48 months
      • It has current coverage (active contract and/or warranty)
    2. Specify the date range (Utilization Excel Export report only):
      1. Hover the mouse pointer over the current Start Date or End Date and then click the Edit icon.
        Note: By default, the End date is set to today's date and Start date is set to 90 days ago.
      2. Click the field.
      3. In the Date Picker, specify the desired start date or end date:
        1. Use the left arrow next to the Month to display the previous month, or the right arrow to display the next month.
        2. Click on the desired day. The selected day is highlighted in blue.
      4. Click Confirm to confirm the specified date. Confirm icon

        or Discard to discard your change and revert to the previously specified date.Discard icon

      Start Date and End Date parameters
  4. Click Generate report. Generate report turns from gray to blue when you have specified sufficient parameters to generate the report.
    The way the generated report is delivered depends on the report:
    • The Utilization overview report is displayed in the content area of the Report view.

      Sample generated Utilization overview report in report view


    The Utilization Excel Export report is downloaded as a .csv file, which you can open in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel *.
    Note: Is it a good idea to save the Comma Delimited Values (.csv) files as an Excel workbook file (.xls or .xlsx).
    Sample report downloaded
    Tip: The data provided in iCenter reports is provided for informational purposes. Click the info link below Generate to view the legal disclaimer covering intended usage of report data. For details on working with a generated report, see other topics in this Navigate reports section.
  5. In the Utilization overview report, click the tabs to navigate among the available data visualizations in the report. The report opens at the Summary tab.
  6. In a generated report, analyze the report data.
  7. If you want to generate the report with other parameters, click Back to selection screen. Back to selection button
  8. When you are finished viewing the report, click the Back to report list. Back to report list button
    If you click this button before generating your report, any report filters you specified are discarded. If you want to keep your settings to generate the report at a future date, be sure to save the report before leaving the page.


  • How do I select more than one item in a Select Box?
    • To select multiple consecutive entries, click the first item, hold down the Shift key and then click the last items to be included.
    • To select multiple non-consecutive entries, click the first items, hold down the Ctrl key and then click any additional items to be selected.
  • Why are no system ID entries displayed in the Select box?

    The system ID must be associated with your user account in order to see the system ID in the Report menu. If no entries are displayed, contact your GE Support representative for assistance.

  • What reports are available?

    iCenter provides several utilization reports. The specific reports available to you depend upon your region and profile settings.

  • How do I know what the data in the report means?

    Topic Visualize data in reports provides the information you need to turn the report data into meaningful analytics.

  • Can I save or download a generated report?

    Topic Navigate reports provides information on common tasks in working with generated reports.