Search for items in a view

Learn how to search for items in a view.

You can search for specific items in a currently opened Equipment, Activity, or Contract[ regional availability] view.

To search for items in a view:

  1. In the Search box, type in a text string to search for in the current view (for example, a value that is displayed in one of the columns in the content area of the view). Search box

    You can enter:

    • partial values (for example, Bio would return BioMed).
    • multiple values by separating each with a space (for example, BioMed XR-RAD).
    • upper and/or lower case (for example, biomed, BioMed, Biomed, or BIOMED would all return the same values)
    • alphanumeric values (for example, 1-10, A-Z, a-z)
  2. Click Search.
  3. When the processing icon disappears (the time this takes depends on the scope of your search and the number of records), view the number of records found displayed on the right of the Search box and the search results in the content area.
    Search results


  • With multiple facilities or lots of data to search, is there a quicker way I can look up data?

    You can filter column data in a view and then visually scan the filtered column for the item of interest.

  • Can I save my search results as a custom view?

    No, search results cannot be saved as a custom view. As an alternative, you can filter column data and then save those results as a custom view.