Filter column data in a view

Learn how to filter column data in a view.

You can filter a column to limit the data displayed in an EquipmentActivity, or Contract[ regional availability] view. A list of columns that have had filters applied is displayed on the Filters line below the view title and description.

To filter column data:

  1. In the desired view EquipmentActivity, or Contract, click the filter icon for the column heading you want to filter.column filter icon
  2. In the filter dialog box, specify the values you want to include or exclude from being displayed in the column. Sample column filterThe available values depend on the column, but the following types of filters can be specified:
    Filter Example Steps
    Boolean logic Boolean logic column filter  
    Check box options Check box options column filter
    1. If an entry field is displayed, type in a value to filter the list of check box options if desired.
    2. Select one or more options you want to include and clear the options you do not want to include, or leave all items blank to display all options.

      You may need to scroll up and down to see all values in the list.

      A check mark is displayed for selected options, and the number of items selected is displayed at the bottom of the dialog box.

    Date range Date range column filter
    1. Select the range type: Date or Relative.
    2. Specify a range of dates:
      • Date:
        • After
        • Before
      • Relative
        • Past __ days
        • Next __ days
    Entry field Entry field column filter
    1. Enter a specific value.

      As you type in characters, iCenter attempts to autocomplete the entry and displays possible matches.

    2. Select the desired value.
    Tip: An entry field may appear at the top of a check box filter.
  3. Click the Filter button to apply the filters and close the dialog box. column filter icon
    The background of the Filter icon is lightened when a filter has been applied column filter applied icon. The list of applied filters is displayed below the view description.Column filters applied to view


Will these filters be available the next time I visit this view?

Any filters you apply are not preserved. If you navigate away from the view, the filters will return to their original positions when you return to the view. If you want to keep your column filters, create a custom view