Create a custom view

Learn how to create a custom view.

You can save the filters you applied to an EquipmentActivity, or Contract[ regional availability] view by creating a custom view of it. You can select a previously saved custom view whenever you want to apply those filters. You can modify a previously saved custom view. You can delete a saved custom view if you no longer need it.

To create a view favorite:

  1. On the Menu bar, click the desired view: Equipment, Activity, or Contract.
  2. Select the equipment, service requests (SRs), tasks, or contracts you want to save in your custom view and Filter column data in a view if necessary to display the desired data.
  3. From the Action menu , click Save As .Save As from Other views list
  4. In the Save current view as dialog box, type in the name and a description for the custom view you are creating and then click Save.Save Current View As dialog box
    Tip: If you want to make your custom view available from the Home page, create a View favorite.
  5. Ensure that the title and description of your custom view are displayed at the top left of the view. Save Current View As Favorite star

After you have created a custom view, it is displayed as a tile on the Home page.

Current View saved as Favorite


  • Why would I create a custom view?

    Creating a custom view saves the parameters and filters you have specified, so they are applied when you subsequently open the view.

  • Is there a limit to the number of custom views I can create?

    You can create multiple views to suit your needs. If you have created more favorites than you can readily scroll through to locate a specific tile, click CTRL+F to display the Find dialog box and search for the desired tile title.