Maintain, plan, perform in iCenter

Learn how to maintain, plan, and perform equipment maintenance and utilization tasks in iCenter.

iCenter provides reporting and data on what happened last year, last month, last week and what is happening today. Read the overviews of the equipment maintenance and utilization tasks you can perform below, and then click the links to drill down to step-by-step instructions.

Scan metrics and notifications overview

From the Home page, you monitor summary data in tiles, identify threshold alerts and warnings, and drill down to the underlying data as needed.

Monitor service request (SR) activities overview

From the Activity view, you track service requests for corrective, installation and upgrade, planned, and recall activities as well as details of component servicing tasks.

Monitor equipment coverage overview

In the Contract view, you manage contract coverage on purchased or rented equipment tracked in iCenter.[ regional availability]

Generate reports overview

In the Report launcher, you select a maintenance or utilization report to open. In the Report view, you generate a report and view report data.

Get assistance overview

In the Help menu, you can access this iCenter Help, contact GE Support, view the privacy policy, or read the terms of use for iCenter.

Manage facility groups overview

In the Facility Group switcher, you can view the number of facilities in the currently displayed group and switch the facilities and groups displayed in the content area.

Manage your account settings overview

From the My Account menu on the title bar, manage your iCenter account settings, sign out of the system, view the privacy policy, or read the terms of use for iCenter.