Send a closed service report

Learn how to send a Closed Service Report (CSR) from the Equipment view.

You can send a Closed Service Report (CSR) for an individual item in the Equipment view[ regional availability]. The report is generated as a PDF file, which you can open in Adobe Acrobat, and included as an attachment to an email sent to the specified user.

To send an on-demand CSR:

  1. From the title bar, click the Account menu (displaying your user name) and then click Account.
  2. In the My Account dialog box, click the My Account tab and make a note of the email address associated with your profile. This is the email address that will be used for closed service reports (CSRs) that you send from the Equipment view.
  3. On the menu bar, click Equipment.
  4. In the Equipment view, search for or filter the Equipment ID column to display the equipment for which you want to send a CSR.
  5. On the View toolbar, click the Send Service Report button. Click to set up Closed Service Report emails for selected equipment button
  6. In the Send me a Service Report for the selected Equipment dialog box, specify the date range the CSR is to cover:
    • Last: 7 Days, 30 Days, Week, Month, Year
    • This: Month, Year
    • From: Month day, year
    • To: Month day, year
    Send me a Service Report for the selected Equipment dialog box
    Tip: To enter your own From and To date range, click the select date button then in the displayed calendar, click the desired date. If no SRs were closed during the specified period, the following message is displayed at the bottom of the dialog box: "Please enter another date range. The entered range has no Closed Service Requests."
  7. Click Send.
  8. Check your professional email address at your facility/organization for one or more CSR email messages from GE Support. You will receive an email for each Service Request matching the equipment and date range you specified.
  9. Open the attached PDF file(s) in Adobe Acrobat *. Sample CSRFor details on the file name and contents of Closed Service Report (CSR) documents, see topic Consult the Equipment view data dictionary.
    Depending on the language setting in your My Account profile, the report is provided in one of the following languages:
    • English: Language is set to English (U.S.) or any language other than French (Canada)
    • French: Language is set to French (Canada)


  • How can I create a CSR to respond to an audit request from a regulatory body such as the Joint Commission (JC) or Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or from hospital administrators?

    Take, for example, an audit requests for Service Request data from the past year for 5 items of your equipment:

    1. Search or filter the Equipment ID column to display only the requested equipment in the grid.
    2. For each item of equipment:
      1. Select the row, so it is highlighted.
      2. Click the Send Service Report button.
      3. In the Send me a Service Report for the selected Equipment dialog box, specify the date range of This Year.
      4. Click Send.
  • Can I obtain a Closed Service Report (CSR) for an individual item elsewhere in iCenter?

    You can Download GE service documents associated with equipment or Subscribe to service request reports.