Rearrange columns in a view

Learn how to rearrange the columns in a view.

You can arrange the grid columns in an EquipmentActivity, or Contract[ regional availability] view in the order you prefer.

To rearrange view columns:

  1. In the desired view (EquipmentActivity, or Contract), place the cursor on the column heading you want to move (you may need to scroll right or left to see all available columns). Original column order
  2. Click and hold down the left mouse button, drag the column to the desired location between two other columns, and then release the mouse button. Rearranged column order

    The column heading displays a "no entry" icon can't move column here until the column is in a location where you can successfully move it, at which point it displays a plus sign icon can move column here

    You can drag and drop a column only onto a visible area of screen. If you want to rearrange a column to an area off screen, drag it in the desired off-screen direction (for example, left or right) and then click the corresponding arrow key to scroll the displayed data.


After rearranging columns, can I revert the view to the default/original column order?

The rearranged column order is not preserved. If you navigate away from the view, the columns will return to their original positions when you return to the view. If you want to keep your rearranged column order, create a custom view.