Clear column filters in a view

Learn how to clear column filters in a view.

If you no longer want to filter column data, you can clear any individual or all of the filters you previously specified for a column to their default/original settings.

To clear column filters:

  1. To clear all of the filters specified for a column, below the view description, click the applied filter.
  2. Alternatively, to clear one or more individual filters for a column, in the view grid:
    1. Click the desired Filter icon.
    2. In the filter dialog box, clear the options you no longer wish to view.
    3. Click the Clear button.Clear one or more filters in a column
    If you clear all filters from a column, the background of the Filter icon matches the column heading column filter cleared icon and the column name is removed from the list of applied filters displayed below the view description. Column filters cleared from view