Submit service requests

Learn how to submit service requests in the Equipment view.

You can submit service requests (SRs) to have equipment serviced or repaired by GE in the Equipment view.

To submit an SR in the Equipment view:

  1. On the menu bar, click Equipment.
  2. At the top of the view to the left of the Search box, click the Create Service Request button.
  3. In the Click to submit a new Service Request dialog box, enter the following details:
    Tip: Fields with a red asterisk (*) are required.
    Requester Prepopulated with your iCenter user name
    Phone Number * Type in your telephone number
    Phone extension Type in your telephone extension (if applicable)
    Equipment ID * Click the Select list and then select the ID for the equipment for which you are raising the SR
    Description Prepopulated with the description of the selected item of equipment
    Note: This field displays up to the first 300 characters of a description
    Owning Department Prepopulated with the name of the department that owns the selected equipment
    Problem Description * Type a description of the problem for which you are raising the SR
    Availability at submission * Click the Availability at submission list and then select the current status of the selected item of equipment:
    • Down: The equipment is not currently working
    • Up: The equipment is currently working
    • Partial: The equipment is partially working
    Availability at submission list
    Click to submit a new Service Request dialog box
  4. Click Submit.
  5. In the displayed New Service Request message, view the details and click Close.
    The content of this message contains either:
    • Details of the SR (for descriptions of these fields, see topic Consult the iCenter data dictionary):

      Service Request Successfully Created

      • Service request #
      • Service request create date
      • Requester
      • Phone number
      • Equipment ID
      • Equipment description
      • Owning department
      • Problem description
      • Availability at submission
      New Service Request message with SR details
      Tip: You can print the New Service Request using your Web browser standard controls (for example, CRTL+p, right-click and select Print .


    • A confirmation message advising that the request has been received and you will be contacted shortly with details.New Service Request message with confirmation
      The email sent to the requester's email address contains the following information:
      • SUBJECT: iCenter SR equipment <Equipment ID> by <Requester> - mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm AM/PM
      • BODY: A new Service Request has been submitted:
        • Requester
        • Requester email
        • Requester phone
        • Date
        • Equipment ID
        • Equipment details
        • Problem
        • Availability


Can I submit an SR somewhere else in iCenter?

You can also Submit service requests in the Activity view.