Monitor unplanned downtime

Learn how to monitor unplanned equipment downtime in the Service performance analysis report.

The Service performance analysis report provides the volume of service requests by equipment, including time to close analysis.

This maintenance report is intended for Biomedical Engineering Managers, Clinical Services Directors, and others responsible for equipment servicing.

The information in this report is useful for demonstrating the performance of the repairs done on equipment by measuring the number of days that a service event takes to close. This report can be further segmented by facility, modality, coverage,, and availability.

This topic explains the data presented in the generated report: Service performance analysis report
Note: The data displayed in this report pertains to the currently loaded facility group.

Data definition

This report indicates the number of service requests (SRs) raised for each type of equipment and the number of days it took to close SRs.

Data label Data definition
Time-To-Close Bar chart that displays the data for the number of SRs that were closed in the specified period of time.
The Number of records is displayed over each range of days bar:
  • 0-1 day
  • 2-5 days
  • 6-10 days
  • 11-15 days
  • 16-30 days
  • 31-60 days
  • 61+ days

Click a specific bar or select multiple bars to display only their details in the other chart in this report. Click elsewhere in the chart to clear the selection.

Service request detail Summary table that provides details of each Service Requests included in the report:
  • Availability
  • Completion date
  • Coverage
  • Days to Close
  • Equipment ID
  • Facility
  • Modality
  • Part
  • Problem
  • SR ID
  • Submission date

For details, see the iCenter data field reference).

Report filters

This section lists the filters you can specify to determine the data displayed in this generated report. Selecting a value in one of these filters affects the data displayed in the other filters as well as the report charts. For instructions on how to apply report filters, see topic Generate maintenance reports.

Filter name Description
Availability Select the equipment availability value:
  • Down
  • Up
Completion Date Select the date range to display only SRs that were closed within that period of time.
Coverage Click one or more equipment coverage values, for example:
  • Contract
  • No contract
Department Click the desired Using department name to display only data for that department. The number of SRs is indicated to the right of each department.
Facility Click the desired iCenter facility name to display only data for that facility. The number of SRs is indicated on the right of each facility.
Modality Click one or more categories of equipment assigned in iCenter to display only data for that category.