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Welcome to iCenter. Get started by learning about iCenter features that enable you to monitor the equipment under your control. Read the product description and overviews of the key functional areas below, and then click the links to drill down to more detailed information.
iCenter web site home page

iCenter overview

iCenter is an online asset maintenance and management system that helps you make data-driven decisions for improved operational results at your healthcare facility. Uncover operational insights to better maintain, plan, and perform with a clinical asset management platform delivering a unified experience for your GE and non-GE serviced equipment[ regional availability].

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Information banner

An Information banner[ regional availability] may be displayed to broadcasts important messages that may impact your use of iCenter on this banner. Click the 'x' on the right of the banner to close it. The banner may be displayed in the following places:
  • iCenter splash page

    Information banner on splash page

  • iCenter user interface between the Title and Menu bars

    Information banner in iCenter

Home page overview

The Home page, displayed when you log in to iCenter, displays summary tiles of the equipment inventory, service request activities, contracts, and reports you can monitor in iCenter. You can zero in on a tile that you want to view in more detail.

Tiles offer at-a-glance summary information based upon the default and customized views created in the EquipmentActivity, and Contract[ regional availability]  views. They also provide a quick one-click shortcut back to each of the views.

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Home page tiles

Equipment view overview

The Equipment view shows the status, availability, and coverage of your inventory of equipment—whether or not systems are under GE service agreements. The view contains a grid of data on equipment currently installed for a specific facility and a details panel with additional data on a selected item of equipment.

The Equipment  view provides the data you need to track equipment maintenance and coverage, optimize equipment uptime, and manage equipment life cycle. You can categorize the consolidated view of all equipment to suit your needs.

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Equipment menu and tile on the Home page > Equipment view

Activity view overview

The Activity  menu provides access to the following views:
  • Tracked Service Request: shows the status of Service Requests (SRs)
  • Tracked Tasks: shows status of the component tasks of an SR

Each of these views contains a grid of data on SR or task details raised for equipment in your inventory tracked in iCenter as well as a details panel with additional data on selected SRs and tasks.

The Activity views provide the data you need to access the service history of planned and corrective maintenance on your equipment.

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Activity menu and tile on the Home page > Tracked Service Request view or Tracked Tasks view

Contract view overview

The Contract  view shows the coverage of your inventory of equipment under GE or other service agreements[ regional availability]. The view contains a grid of data on each purchased or rented equipment in your inventory and a details panel with additional data on selected contract details.

The Contract view provides the data you need to analyze all your service contracts for optimization opportunities, so you can control costs and improve capital planning.

Tip: This menu is displayed only for user profiles with access to site financial data in regions where this feature is available.

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Contract menu and tile on the Home page > Contract view

Reports overview

The Report launcher provides a list of reports you can open and generate in a Report view. Reports are grouped into the following categories:
  • Maintenance reports
  • Utilization reports

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Reports menu and tile on the Home page > Report launcher or Report view

Facility Groups overview

The Facility Groups control displays the number of facilities in the current group and enables you to switch the facilities and groups displayed in the content area.

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Facility Groups on title bar > Facility group switcher

My Account overview

The My Account dialog box provides details of your iCenter account. The dialog box contains the following tabs:
  • My account: your account profile
  • My facilities: the facilities you have access to
  • My subscription: the subscription reports and alerts you have subscribed to[ regional availability]

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My Account on title bar > My Account dialog box